‘Amazing’ model is delivered to Pendleside Hospice

Jo-Anne Nutter from the Footcare Service presented Leah Hutchinson from Pendleside Hospice with a match stick model of the Hospice building. The building has been made by Jo-Anne’s Grandad who is 86 years old. He makes the models as a hobby and was asked to do this for the Hospice by Jo-Anne to help raise funds for the Charity Ball that is being held on 18th May 2019 at Burnley Football Club.
The model was made out of 10,000 plus matchsticks and the attention to detail is fantastic. ‘The signs and the bench outside the front are just as they are; its just amazing!’ said Leah.
In order to raise money for Pendleside Hospice, we would like to offer for commissions to be made with a donation to go to Pendleside Hospice on completion.

If anyone would like to have a piece commissioned, please do not hesitate to contact jo@thefootcareservice.co.uk or Leah.Hutchinson@pendleside.org.uk. A photo will be required of the item to be made.

The commissioned piece is on display at Pendleside Hospice.

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