A bit of information about the podiguard treatment we offer


Here at The Footcare Service we use a podiguard treatment before and after our treatments.

Podiguard is a super oxidising foot treatment.  We make the solution on site, which is prepared in special spray bottes that our staff carry with them.  This is then sprayed onto the client’s feet at the beginning of the treatment and again at the end.

We feel that Podguard is an added extra to what we do and provides our client’s with the comfort of knowing that their feet are looked after and prevented against infections.



What is the fluid?

The finished fluid is mostly water with a high level of bacteria busting hypochlorous.

Is the fluid a sanitiser?

Yes. It is both a foot care treatment and a sanitiser.

 Does the fluid kill viruses?

Yes, Podiguard kills bacteria, MRSA, viruses, fungi and spores on the skin.

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Natural effective treatment for fungal nail infections and athlete’s foot

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