The Footcare Service celebrate five years strong!

With an initial local audience now expanding to include clients from Cheshire and a recent breakthrough into corporate leagues for the company, owners of The Footcare Service Jo-Anne, Bryan and Sophie are celebrating the successes of their five-year-old business.

“We initially set up our business to address a need in the local community for quality footcare,” says Bryan. “It’s so exciting to look back on the last five years now and realise how far we have come. We now have an ever-expanding list of clients from different areas around the North West, a wonderful team of staff who are dedicated to providing a quality service, and we have been able to branch out and work with a range of corporate clients as well.”

The Footcare Service is currently focused on providing a specialised service for the care and maintenance of toenails, particularly for elderly and disabled clients. “At the moment we offer a specialised toenail-cutting service to help prevent people from having poor mobility,” says Jo-Anne.

“A lot of people don’t realise how important it is to ensure their feet are properly looked after, especially for those who may not be able to treat their feet themselves, but it is so important. Your feet hold you up – it’s absolutely paramount that they are kept in a healthy condition if you are to be comfortable and mobile.”

The business is looking forward to further expansion in early 2019, when daughter Sophie and another member of the team will gain their qualifications to become footcare practitioners, growing the list of treatments on offer to include specialised services for corns and ingrown toenails. “This is something we are all really excited about,” says Sophie. “We can’t wait to begin delivering these new treatments to help clients with more of their footcare needs.

“I am so proud of the team we have built over the past five years and I can’t wait to see what the next five years will bring for us,” says Jo-Anne. “We have achieved so much as a small family business and overcome many obstacles together, and reaching this milestone is definitely something for us all to celebrate!”

Above all, The Footcare Service is a business run by a family, for families. “We work with a lot of elderly clients and have regular work in care homes across the county,” says Bryan. “Our team will pay a visit every five weeks to ensure that our clients can stay mobile and retain healthy feet. Over the past five years we have built a relationship with so many of our clients and their families – our work has developed from simply providing a footcare service to also providing a service of care. Many of the families of our elderly clients who live further away enjoy the fact that we can provide little updates on how they are doing and can rest easy with the knowledge that their family member is being taken good care of.”

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